About Jon Carter

He's your average guy with an awesome voice

Jon’s voice is literally heard by millions every single day on Radio & TV stations worldwide. He is a trusted and familiar voice that can give you an energized promo read or he can pull it back and be the guy next door. Either way, Jon is someone you trust. He has worked with thousands of companies, large and small, and he gives equal attention and effort to every single client.


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Client List

The companies that trust Jon's voice
FG DJ radio

Jon has worked for over 120 radio and TV stations in the last 10 years, including New York, Los Angeles and other major cities. He’s currently the voice of 55 US radio and TV stations, including many of the top 10 markets. He also has over 200 regular clients out of his full service studio in Charlotte, NC.


For Jon, no job is too large or too small. CNN, Comcast, Time Warner, Gillete, Lexmark, ESPN, Direct Buy and North Carolina Lottery are just a sampling of his client list.


What Jon's clients have to say

"We are thrilled to have Jon on our team! He brings our copy to life! His range of interpretation in helping us establish our brand new station is helping put us on the fast track to success!"

Bill Plax, CBS New York

"Jon is a true pro. His voice compliments all our productions. Highly recommended to anyone looking for a professional who is easy to work with day in and day out."

Marc Aflalo, Aflalo Productions

"Jon is the most talented male voice actor I have ever contracted with for broadcast television and radio commercials. While I was at Patio Enclosures, Inc., his keen understanding of what we were looking for usually allowed him to deliver what we needed on the first take."

Reggie Carter, Producer

"Low maintenance and talented. A unique combination."

Zane Hagy, Z11 Communications

"THIS IS AMAZING. I love it all! It's a 20 out of 10!"

Steve Jones, Trust Communications Ministries Radio

"You knocked it out of the park. Nice job and exactly what I expected."

George Burnett, KTBU TV Houston

"Always a great experience with you!"

Jim McCarthy, South Central Media

"Life saver! You are the best in the business!"

Ben McCarty, KMOQ Radio

"Cool, sophisticated but a bit edgy! Jon's style is recognizable and cuts through the clutter."

Elwood Beukelman, MBT Marketing

"Jon Carter is the voice to be reckoned with."

Todd Grossman, Bluerock Films

"One of the top voice over talents in the market today. Incredibly gracious with his availability."

Christopher Folino, Slideshow Productions

"You're a pro...the best voice we've ever had."

Brian Davis, Woodward Communications

"Dude! I've got chills! Sounds awesome!"

Micheal Anthony, Hall Communications

"Jon has become a key voice at Saga Communications. His delivery is outstanding. A happy client."

Steve Goldsten, Saga Communications

"Jon is one of the best in the biz!"

Steve Hunter, Cox Communications

"Jon is a great person and a killer talent. What else is there?"

Joe Kelly, AVDeli

"Jon is a very unique talent. His voiceover work conveys warmness and sincerity."

Alan Wilson, Alan Wilson Productions

"A great voice talent."

Darren Exley, Propulsion Media Labs

"Talent, knowledge, and creativity."

Karen Perkins, V Rooms

"Jon isn’t satisfied with his work until the client is satisfied. Whether it’s for a commercial, an event or an online video. We are happy to have Jon be the voice of our Charlotte-based Goodwill."

Armando Barragan, Goodwill Charlotte

"Jon has given us an extra "personality" with his style and presence in our imaging."

Chris Dillon, WNLC Radio

"Jon does high quality work and is one of the best voice talents I've ever used."

Tony Florentino, Rawlco Radio

"Are you kidding? Jon turns around our sessions in minutes most of the time...I'm just trying to keep up!"

Joey Epperson, CBS Chicago

"Jon is a very reliable person. I will always remember our work sessions together and envy his talent. I absolutely recommend him!"

Tarmo Feldmann, First Media Ltd

"Jon is easy to work with and always delivers quality results on time!"

Mark Greenwald, Crawford Group

"Hands down THE BEST voice talent I've worked with..."

Matt Peterson, MIAGD Productions

"Ultra-professional, quick and listens very well. Best of all his work was exactly the sounds my client wanted!"

Jeremy Pinckert, Explore Media

"Jon is an excellent VO talent and heck of a nice guy. Easy to work with and takes direction very well! We just finished up a set of over 100 tour spots that went off without a hitch. Highly recommended!"

Ross Wissbaum, Groundcrew Studios

Studio Capabilities

More than just a voice, he's got the tools

Jon’s first love is doing voiceovers, but you may’ve also heard his music in commercials and radio imaging all over the world. He has released thousands of music scores over the years. In addition, Jon also has an extensive background in production. He brings a very well-rounded approach to the table when it comes to voice over production.


He works for over 200 regular clients out of his full service studio in Charlotte, NC.