Country Demo

A young, fresh more energized sound for Country radio. It’s about time.

Hot AC Demo

Jon voices some of the highest rated Hot AC radio stations in America.

Soft Rock Demo

Soft Rock doesn't have to be boring and sleepy. Jon Carter gets it.

CHR Demo

Less growl. More fresh energy that cuts through. A compelling, contemporary sound.

Rock Demo

The guy next door with some attitude.

Christian Demo

Sincerity, realness and a signature sound that listener's love.

News Talk Demo

From hard-hitting news to features, Jon delivers the range and impact to make it great.

Sports Talk Demo

Jon has a voice that cuts through and one that your listeners respect and trust.

Oldies Demo

This is no longer the radio station for your parents. Jon’s bright sound gives the Oldies energy.

Triple A Demo

Natural and real. The guy next door that just so happens to know the music.

Tune in to Carter Radio

Jon Carter is one of the leading imaging voices in the world. He’s heard by millions every day on radio stations worldwide. A fresh signature sound, combined with a super fast turnaround, Jon always delivers for his clients.


Get voiceovers dry or fully produced for all formats. Contact Jon now for a free produced audition so you can hear how your station will sound with Jon as your voice.