Investigation Discovery (IDTV) – In Plain Sight

Do you have the ID channel? If you’re not sure, but you do have Cable, DirectTV, etc. then you probably do! Are you a sucker for a riveting whodunit style murder mystery show? Then you’ll love Jon Carter’s latest gig as the voice over narrator for the hit Cable TV show “In Plain Sight” on Investigation Discovery TV. Jon wrapped up voicing two intense seasons for the show and the episodes are rolling out on the IDTV channel, the IDTV App and online (using your cable membership login). Warning: this show is highly addictive. There are a total of 28 episodes that have rolled out thus far with many many more to come, so this show is definitely binge-worthy material!

So check out “In Plain Sight” on IDTV and Jon’s narration will guide you through each creepy and shocking episode! And remember…”Sometimes the killer is hiding….IN PLAIN SIGHT!”

Here’s a link directly to the show:

Jon Carter – Talent Story –

Shout out to for featuring me (and my German Shepherd, Coco) in their Talent Story section on the website (formerly referred to as Success Stories). It’s a great honor to be featured and to work with Voices on so many exciting voice over projects!

Check it out for yourself!

Voice-seekers, are you satisfied with the turnaround time you are getting?




Turnaround time is the total time taken between the submission of a voice over or piece of production to the voice talent and the return of the completed  and approved piece of audio to the customer.

Sounds simple, right?

It’s not.

There are a million factors that can impact the amount of time it takes to turn a job around in the world of voice overs.   First off, if the voice talent you are dealing with is not highly organized, your turnaround time could be days…yes, days.   Is the job just a voice over, meaning just voice and no production/music/editing?  Or is it a fully produced presentation or commercial?  The latter takes much more studio time because it requires much more time and effort on the technical and creative aspects of the job.  Recording a voice over is also a technical process, but any experienced voice talent will have things their workflow efficiently streamlined in a way that minimizes tweaking during a job, so turnaround on ‘dry’ voice overs will always be faster – a ‘dry’ voice over means just the voice with no effects or music added.  If the client requires multiple revisions and back-and-forth it may affect the turnaround time of a project greatly.  We are always happy to do revisions, of course, but this will increase the amount of time the project requires.

At JCVO, we have a process in place for every single type of job we agree to do for our clients. We even have producers who we can call at a moment’s notice if we need someone to help with the production process on a day where things are extra busy.  Having these systems and processes in place gives us the ability to amaze our clients with unbelievably fast turnaround. We hear it time and time again:  “Wow, that was the fastest turnaround I’ve ever seen!”

All that being said, our #1 focus is on giving our clients the best quality voice overs and production available.  We’ve been doing this for a long time and we are very experienced in the various types of voice over and audio production required, so quality is always our primary focus.

Hearing our clients consistently tell us we have the quickest turnaround time in the business and that they are completely satisfied with the end product is what keeps us going – whether the voice over is for Radio, TV, Web Presentations, Long-form Narration or even On Hold.  We work very hard and pay great attention to detail in order to get jobs done as quickly as possible so the inevitable snowball effect never gets enough time to gain momentum and interfere with our process.

Rest assured, if no system and process is in place with your voice talent or producer, then you will run into snags time and time again.  Snags take time to resolve…and time is money.

At JCVO we are a fine-tuned machine when it comes to making our clients happy, because it is truly why we are here.  Our turnaround time is fast.  And our voice overs will exceed your expectations.  After all, that’s our job.

Jon Carter Voice Overs


Take Over My Soul – Jon Matisse Carter, Aji Mon Nair, Ninesh Babu & Michael Cassette

It all started with a simple ‘audition’ I received through an actual voice over website.  But this audition was for a singer/songwriter.


The voice seeker needed a singer to write and produce the vocals for a Progressive Trance song (i.e. melodic electronica with a driving beat).  The producers of the original music score are out of Dubai.  I’ve been making electronic music for a long time, so I decided to give it a try, despite the fact that it was listed as a job lead on a commercial voice over website, which I found to be kind of odd.  I thought it would be a fun shot in the dark.  I sent over a vocal sample.  A few days later I had a message in my inbox that said “Let’s do this…”

Needless to say I was very excited about it.

The song is called “Take Over My Soul.”  Aji Mon Nair and Ninesh Babu produced the original track that was included in the voice over job listing.   I worked on the vocals for a few weeks between voice over sessions – writing the lyrics and recording.  My ONLY objective was to do the song justice.  I really loved the instrumental they provided and I wanted to make sure anything I did complimented the track and that the end product was a solid effort.  After working on the lyrics and vocals for a while I felt that I had a completed song on my hands.

I sent it over to Aji Mon Nair and he loved it!  At this point I thought we were done and it would then be out of my hands – mission accomplished.  I was wrong about that.  Aji called me from Dubai a few days later to inform me that the legendary Michael Cassette was going to remix our song.  I was stoked!  Michael Cassette has a massive library of amazing songs and is well-known and respected worldwide for his unique style of progressive trance music. Having Michael Cassette put his hands on our song could only lead to good things.

During this time the original mix of the song was somehow leaked and begin to get airplay in clubs in Europe. Videos of nightclubs playing the song and crowds dancing to it started popping up on YouTube.  We had to make sure all of this stopped since this process was getting a little more serious, and Aji, unbeknownst to me, was planning on shopping our song to record labels.  Thankfully, the people who posted the videos were very friendly and agreed to take them down immediately after receiving a verbal ‘cease and desist.’  Clearly, they didn’t mean any harm by posting them.

Michael completed the remix and it literally blew all of us away.  Michael Cassette has the ‘Midas Touch’ when it comes to Electronic Music.  He took the vocals I wrote and recorded and built a whole new song around them.  His remix led to even better things.  Aji sent the Michael Cassette track, along with our mixes, to Arisa Audio out of Miami, FL.  Arisa Audio’s mission is to deliver the highest quality trance and progressive music possible to clubs across the globe.  They are a very successful and well-known Electronic Music record label with tracks constantly listed all over the Beatport Charts.  So, within a couple of weeks we had an offer.  Something I never expected or even thought about in the beginning of this process.  Arisa Audio had their resident remixer, Gal Abutbul, do a couple of new mixes of the song, and they included the Michael Cassette remix as well.  Now it’s official.

The original mix I did in my studio is now known as ‘The Bootleg Mix’ and has not been officially released.

You can check out the Michael Cassette Remix here on YouTube:

You can buy all of the mixes on Beatport, Amazon and iTunes.  Just search “Jon Matisse Carter.”  It’s also included on a compilation of Vocal Trance songs called Vocal Trance Essentials Volume 8.

Thanks for checking out my blog!

Jon Carter – Voice Overs

Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 1.10.14 PM

Getting Voice Over Work

I get emails on a daily basis from folks asking what works for me in terms of getting new jobs in the VO Universe. Well, my answer is never a simple one.  I sometimes get the feeling that a lot of people are looking for the “magic bullet” when it comes to growing their  voice over business.  If you are expecting a simple quick-fix response you are not looking at the big picture in a realistic way.

Fact is, there are a million ways to get work. You have to be aggressive and experiment in order to find what works for you. Everything is relative…even marketing. Some people make cold calls (done that)…some people do regular mailings (done that)…some people do e-mail blasts(done that), some people network locally(done that) and some people just log on to a lead generator website and hope for the best (I am on those sites, but I certainly don’t rely on them).

It’s extremely important that you find what works for YOU.  It’s up to you to find the special ingredients in terms of marketing that help you find business that fits your sound and style.  Also, consider the fact that marketing is a cumulative thing. It builds over time in effectiveness.  If you put $10,000 in a 401-k you can’t expect it to turn into a million dollars overnight…however, if you keep investing and watching it closely you very well may end up with a million in 20 years.   Yes, you have to constantly monitor your approach and re-evaluate everything you do at some point or another. That being said, it is important to keep in mind that the biggest determining factor of success in terms of marketing is consistency.


I once heard a successful voice talent attribute his success to the fact that he “just wouldn’t go away.”  That is determination…and with determination comes consistency.  Apply that mindset to marketing.

So, start experimenting and really pay attention to what gets results. Especially pay attention to what gets results over time…anything that seems to garner consistent response means you are honing in on something important.

For those of you looking for a simple answer you really need to buckle down and focus on how you are going to create and manage your own marketing universe.  It’s as or more important that the actual work you do in your studio.

– Jon Carter


Little known fact about JC VO

The majority of voice over jobs we do are for Radio, TV and Commercials. However, we handle ANY voice over job for any client, as long as we feel we are a nice fit for that particular project. I often get approached to do on hold voice overs for companies. Their first question is usually “Do you DO on hold? Or is that something in which you do not specialize?” The answer is “Yes! We love doing on hold voice overs!” You provide the script and we do the rest. As a matter of fact, we handled 230 on hold message just LAST MONTH.

Never underestimate the importance of a professional voice talent recording your on hold message. It will truly add that special polish you should have in order to maintain your clients’ and potential clients’ respect and attention. These jobs are extremely important and at Jon Carter Voice Overs we treat them with the same attention and detail as Radio, TV and Commercial voice overs. So, feel free to get in touch if you need a truly professional sounding on hold message for your company.

Jon Carter Voice Overs

Holidays are almost here!

This is one of the busiest times of the year here at JCVO and Megahertz Studios. We’re just about there though. Wrapping up jobs before a little time off for the Holidays.

Just wanted to wish everyone Happy Holidays! And here’s to a great 2012!

Jon Carter COMPLETE!

So excited to finally have the new site up. There are still a few minor tweaks I have to do, but, for the most part, it’s done! What a relief. It’s been an interesting time working on 3 site designs while still running my biz full time. Nice to see that at least 2 of the sites are getting wrapped up. Will share more info on that later. Thanks again for logging on and checking out the blog. We will be posting all sorts of samples and info in the near future, so tune it.

Jon Carter


Microphone Setup












A lot of people ask about my mic setup here at Jon Carter Voice Overs and Megahertz Studios. That question, of course, does not warrant a simple answer.

The key thing is to make sure the mic you use fits your voice and fits your project. Here are some of the mics we currently use: Rode NT-1A, Sennheiser MKH-416, M-Audio Nova and the ever popular Neumann U-87. For processing we use gear Symmetrix, Great River, Valley Audio, Aphex, Empirical Labs and much more. We have two studios, so we have different setups used for different projects. For example, our main studio is used mostly for promo voice work. Our second (and smaller) studio is set up for a more natural (less processed sound). That is where the almighty U-87 resides.

We’ll be sharing more information on studio equipment in the upcoming weeks. Thanks so much for stopping by!

~ Jon Carter

Almost there!

We are almost there! We’ve recently been undergoing two site redesigns and now can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I’m really excited about a special offer that will be coming soon from Jon Carter (and Megahertz Studios). We have 50 high impact, license-free music beds that we are going to share for FREE. That’s right…absolutely free. No strings attached. And these beds are really good. Every one of them is useful.

Check back in the next week or so and we will keep you posted. This is all in celebration of the new websites. We’re excited and we want you to be excited as well. So, there’s no better way to make happen than to give you some really awesome free stuff!

~ Jon Carter