Getting Voice Over Work

I get emails on a daily basis from folks asking what works for me in terms of getting new jobs in the VO Universe. Well, my answer is never a simple one. I sometimes get the feeling that a lot of people are looking for the “magic bullet” when it comes to growing their voice over business. If you are expecting a simple quick-fix response you are not looking at the big picture in a realistic way.

Getting Voice Over Work

Fact is, there are a million ways to get work. You have to be aggressive and experiment in order to find what works for you. Everything is relative…even marketing. Some people make cold calls (done that)…some people do regular mailings (done that)…some people do e-mail blasts(done that), some people network locally(done that) and some people just log on to a lead generator website and hope for the best (I am on those sites, but I certainly don’t rely on them).

It’s extremely important that you find what works for YOU. It’s up to you to find the special ingredients in terms of marketing that help you find business that fits your sound and style. Also, consider the fact that marketing is a cumulative thing. It builds over time in effectiveness. If you put $10,000 in a 401-k you can’t expect it to turn into a million dollars overnight…however, if you keep investing and watching it closely you very well may end up with a million in 20 years. Yes, you have to constantly monitor your approach and re-evaluate everything you do at some point or another. That being said, it is important to keep in mind that the biggest determining factor of success in terms of marketing is consistency.


I once heard a successful voice talent attribute his success to the fact that he “just wouldn’t go away.” That is determination…and with determination comes consistency. Apply that mindset to marketing.

So, start experimenting and really pay attention to what gets results. Especially pay attention to what gets results over time…anything that seems to garner consistent response means you are honing in on something important.

For those of you looking for a simple answer you really need to buckle down and focus on how you are going to create and manage your own marketing universe. It’s as or more important that the actual work you do in your studio.

– Jon Carter

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